9055 Bosque Del Oso Road, Weston Co, 81091

Ph : 719-868-2249 / Fax : 719-868-2222


Only use propane/natural gas grills for outdoor cooking!  BURN PERMITS ARE ISSUED BASED ON CURRENT WEATHER CONDITIONS.  For information or permits, please call:

     * Weston Station Office: 719-868-2249

     * Fire Chief John Jenkins: 719-680-0137

     * Assistant Fire Chief Teri Trujillo: 719-680-0640/719-868-2121

The Stonewall Fire Protection District provides fire and other emergency services within the District boundaries.  These services include, but are not limited to:

            * Burn Permits

            * Mitigation counseling

            * Public information and education

            * Emergency medical services

            * Search & Rescue team

            * Recruiting and training of firefighters

            * Recruiting and training of emergency medical personnel

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